Darrell Reed

Food Scrap Collection Services &
Operations Manager

Phone: 989-321-2804

Email: darrell@5heartwormfarm.com

About Darrell

Darrell is a farmer at heart and is the face of 5 Heart Earthworm Farm. You can find him picking up organic waste from clients, feeding the worms at the farm or turning the windrows of compost. Most importantly, Darrell is just as passionate about the worm farm as Sarah and together they are unstoppable.

What is your most memorable Iris moment?

That would be starting up 5 Heart Earthworm Farm.

My Favorite Game Is…

Bowling. I carry a 200 average.

My secret superpower is…

I’m a hardworking farm boy with a knack for designing equipment (of course reusing and repurposing whenever possible) and making them work for us on the farm.

Something on my bucket list…

I want to travel to Japan & Hawaii.

One environmental issue that I am passionate about is…

The amount of food waste that is generated in this world.