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The IRIS Team

Our team is your  team

The Iris team is small but mighty; we will make your goals our own and maximize your outcomes. We’ll put our 100+ years of combined experience to work for you; thinking sideways, upside down and outside of the box, breaking down the self-imposed limitations that often stifle projects.


The Iris Team is authentic

We are passionate about what we do, enjoy our work and have fun along the way. Our energetic team strives to provide unique, comprehensive and successful strategies to all clients and projects. Generating creative insight and opportunity is our specialty.


The Iris team is professional

As a full-service Resource Recovery Program Management company, we view waste as a resource and use a team approach to design, implement and manage diversion programs. Mediocrity is unacceptable at Iris where we strive to deliver more than our clients expect.


This is what sets Iris apart

Each client and project brings its own unique set of intricacies. Iris keeps those details at the fore-front as we assist our clients to achieve their vision. Personalized, customer-focused solutions is our trademark. We’re not typical consultants… we’re resultants… achieving the results you want!


Iris Waste Diversion Specialists was established out of a deep respect for the Earth and a desire to protect it through effective education and environmental programs. After working successfully with programs from grassroots to institutional, Iris set out to help others build programs focused on changing behavior to achieve sustainable outcomes.

The company name and logo symbolize the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, Iris. As the messenger of the Gods, and restorer of peace in nature, Iris symbolizes the important message we carry to protect the Earth and her life-giving resources.

Our Founding Female, Sarah Archer, launched Iris in 2004. As lead resultant, her diverse background includes sales and marketing, training and development, volunteer management, resource recovery education and solid waste management. Her years of front line experience in the resource recovery field as a municipal Environmental Education Coordinator, Coordinator of Waste and Recycling for the University of Michigan and Environmental Programs Coordinator for Oakland County (MI), laid the inspiration and framework for the company.

Iris is a minority-owned, woman-owned small business and EDWOSB certified.