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We’re fanatics about organics recycling and the proper management of organic residuals, both are important ways of reducing valuable resources from landfilling or incineration.

Providing solutions for managing organic waste through education programs, hands-on planning experiences and successful event management services is second nature to the Iris staff.

Our commitment to reducing food waste includes, source reduction, edible food rescue, home composting, small-scale decentralized composting, medium-scale locally based composting, mechanical biological mixed waste treatment and centralized composting and/or anaerobic digestion.

To keep raw, vegetative food scraps from the landfill and help your business do the same, we offer an easy, reliable collection program that won’t break your budget. Food Scraps are diverted to 5 Heart Earthworm Farm, where we feed thousands of hungry red worms. Like all living creatures, what goes in must come out. And what comes out of the red worms is the best soil enhancement on the planet.

For more information about our Organics Management programming, food scrap collection and composting services, contact Amy Freeman, Organics Maven.

  • Compost Education and Workshops
  • Vermi-Composting Education and Workshops
  • Presentation – Organics Recycling
  • Institutional Organics Diversion
  • Zero Waste Events
  • Food Scrap Collection Programs
  • Organics Diversion Program

5Heart Earthworm Farm is a division of Iris Waste Diversion Specialists, Inc.