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Marketing and Communications

A program is only as successful as the marketing that supports it. Whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, we have creative and technical staff to handle graphic design, website, information management and marketing for your environmental programs. We're specialists in managing strategic communications, as well as developing and conducting public education campaigns. Public Education and Information Management [...]

Organics Management

We're fanatics about organics recycling and the proper management of organic residuals, both are important ways of reducing valuable resources from landfilling or incineration. Providing solutions for managing organic waste through education programs, hands-on planning experiences and successful event management services is second nature to the Iris staff. Our commitment to reducing food waste includes, [...]

Event Management

Interested in implementing public space recycling or a zero-waste event? Iris Waste Diversion Specialists have the experience and expertise to assess and establish an effective, sustainable program to fit your needs. A successful event requires thoughtful planning and coordination. The Iris staff are specialists in event planning. We're experienced at handling every detail, from pre-event [...]

Program Management

Iris is experienced in assessing existing solid waste management systems and programs.  We develop strategies to achieve effective, efficient, and sustainable approaches to recycling and waste diversion. From project research and development, to implementation and evaluation, to management and oversight, we provide clients with the expertise and practical skills to achieve their program goals. Waste [...]

Education and Training

Awareness, Knowledge, Understanding, Appreciation, Passion, Action. We live in a world where environmental issues are frequently complex and possible solutions can be garnered from a variety of disciplines, organizations and individuals. Our experience, expertise and acute understanding of the resource recovery industry allows us to design, implement and deliver industry based trainings that are current, [...]